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New Regulations on Nursing Homes

Big News people!

I just want to share some fantastic news, a tiny (but hugely important) news item that was buried in my email box, which was buried in an e-newsletter and, from what I can tell this last week, buried under much louder, sexier, bigger or political news.

Nursing Home Policy Change: Moving forward, any residential facility that accepts Medicare or Medicaid is no longer allowed to include “binding arbitration clauses” buried within their admissions paperwork. THIS IS HUGE. What typically happens is that nursing homes can require folks to sign away their rights to sue for physical abuse, neglect, wrongful death, financial abuse or any other serious complaint. Which happens a lot more than the public realizes.

Movie Review:

As part of the Ombudsman* volunteer training, they had us watch a compelling documentary about assisted living facilities (ALF). The short documentary, The Thin Edge of Dignity, is specifically told from the perspective of one man, Dick Weinman; injured in a car accident, Dick went from being an extremely active, independent, and outdoors oriented guy, to a severely disabled patient living in an assisted living facility, with very little autonomy or privacy. You can watch the short film HERE.

Age Friendly City

Ensuring cities are built for everyone