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Roll Up Those Sleeves: Implementing an Age and Disability Friendly Initiative

This past January, we wrapped up the first year of a three year implementation cycle with the Age and Disability Friendly initiative. After an incredibly rewarding and challenging year long needs assessment process, which included:

  • coordinating over 20 professionals, experts, and community members

  • across eight domains,

  • while also conducting dozens of interviews,

  • reviewing hundreds of reports, research, and topic related analysis,

  • All synthesized into informative and action oriented, domain specific memos

(Phew! Even typing that made me tired)

Movie Review:

As part of the Ombudsman* volunteer training, they had us watch a compelling documentary about assisted living facilities (ALF). The short documentary, The Thin Edge of Dignity, is specifically told from the perspective of one man, Dick Weinman; injured in a car accident, Dick went from being an extremely active, independent, and outdoors oriented guy, to a severely disabled patient living in an assisted living facility, with very little autonomy or privacy. You can watch the short film HERE.

Age Friendly City

Ensuring cities are built for everyone