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Wednesday Wake-Up Call!

You know when you make that decision to [adopt a dog/buy a specific car/only wear cowgirl boots/work in the aging field], and then everywhere you look, all you see is that one specific thing [saucy gals in cowgirl boots, cute dogs or a plethora of that one type of car/senior related issues]I swear it’s a phenomenon (or just the result of paying attention to something you never noticed before. whatever).

Case in point: My professional life has officially melded into my social life. With friends sending me great senior related stories, random in-depth discussions on senior housing at birthday potlucks (I swear I didn’t bring it up!), front page stories about aging with HIV, and monthly visits to seniors living in assisted living facilities. Hence this blog – stuff just kept coming at me from everywhere and I needed a place to share the great stories sent my way, as well as a soapbox about what it means to be aging in America.

Age Friendly City

Ensuring cities are built for everyone