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Roll Up Those Sleeves: Implementing an Age and Disability Friendly Initiative

This past January, we wrapped up the first year of a three year implementation cycle with the Age and Disability Friendly initiative. After an incredibly rewarding and challenging year long needs assessment process, which included:

  • coordinating over 20 professionals, experts, and community members

  • across eight domains,

  • while also conducting dozens of interviews,

  • reviewing hundreds of reports, research, and topic related analysis,

  • All synthesized into informative and action oriented, domain specific memos

(Phew! Even typing that made me tired)

A Disability Friendly City

As I was reaching out to community folks who have been a part of the San Francisco’s Age and Disability Friendly Plan, I had heard some comments over the last few months that some had felt like the effort and the plan hadn’t done enough to really engage people with disabilities or identify how their needs may differ from seniors. Additionally, when I joined the team managing this daunting project, I recognized how easy it would be to have a plan that was inclusive in name only – planning for a city that is accessible for seniors, as well as people with disabilities is an enormous task. Of course there may be some areas where their needs and desires overlap, I’m willing to bet there will be other areas where they differ greatly but we’ll need to consider and incorporate both perspectives.

Age Friendly City

Ensuring cities are built for everyone