Dreams Do Come True

Singing Show Tunes Helps with Dementia!

When I saw THIS article, my immediate reaction was to see if it was from The Onion (everyone’s favorite satirical rag) – alas! Dreams do come true!

Based on research in an East Coast care home, scientists determined that singing (in this case, musical tunes) over a four-month period actually improved conditions for those with moderate to severe dementia. Hallelujah! Or Oklahoma! Considering that I actually have many people in my life that love show-tunes in general (I know, we’re such gay stereotypes), this will be a no brainer as we all age.

In conclusion, although barely related, for some reason this fact made me think of the German seniors living in a retirement home who reenacted classic movie scenes. Perhaps it’s the theatrical flair that all of this emphasizes or at least what I hope it emphasizes…getting older should involve dramatic poses! Lively show tunes! And a fantastic costume! Am I right?! (check out more of those awesome photos HERE)


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